Secret Identities Pin-Up: Digital Rough

Secret ID Pinup Rough

Drawn with trusty Sketchbook, this is the digital rough of my “girl power” contribution to the upcoming Secret Identities  traveling art show.   Since I’m working oldschool–on actual paper!–for the exhibit, I’m going to print this up on a sheet of 11″x17″ paper, and trace it onto a bristol board page of the same size.  I’ll post scans of the art here as it progresses.

Character guide (from left to right):  Karin from Koji Steven Sakai and John Franzese’s “Meet Joe”; Candace (Tin Candy) Koh in her mecha, from Jeff Yang’s and my “A Day At CostumeCO”;  June Park from Jimmy Aquino and Erwin Haya’s “Sampler”;  Val (Valentine) Chang from “CostumeCO”; Ting Lee from Lynn Chen and Paul Wei’s “You Are What You Eat”.