So, what’s been going on in the world while I was away?

Between working on Rose Madder and my day job on Futurama, I needed to pull back a little.  So, sorry for the silence.  But, I’m back, and will try to post a little more regularly from here on out.

A couple of brief announcements:

  • I won’t be at the San Diego Comicon, but my friends at Icecat Books were nice enough to be willing to pass out my promo postcards for Rose Madder.  So, if you’re at Nerd Prom anytime this weekend, please check out their booth (#O-05) and get a free postcard!
  • And speaking  of Rose Madder, there are just a few more pages to post of Chapter Zero, the re-presentation of 2004’s “Ozymandias”.  The all-new, all-color Chapter One of Rose Madder starts the week of August 30. Here’s a preview page:

Rose Madder preview page

Rose Madder is © 2010 A.L. Baroza

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