Clearly I’m pandering

Blast From The Past: Woman With A Really Big Gun (plus: bonus Leela!)

 Woman with a big gun

I was rummaging through my old portfolios recently and I came across this old thing, drawn with marker on bristol board.  Lessee, big gun?  Check.  Pouches?  Check.  Inexplicable leg and arm straps?  Check.  Big clunky space boots?  Check.  Impossible female anatomy?  Check.

It must be the ’90s!

1997, to be exact.  Let’s hear it for a slightly more than half-assed attempt to draw in the “Image style”.  No wonder my comics career never took off.  Look at that big gun, the perspective’s all messed up on it.  And never mind that her left arm is horrifically short (or, rather, just not properly foreshortened).  Still, the picture has its charms, I suppose.

Now that I look at it, this big-gunned woman has a little bit of a Leela vibe to her.  So here’s my 2009 version of the drawing, done with the pencil tool on Sketchbook.  I’m still trying to get Leela on model, so forgive me.  But I think I finally fixed that big gun, maybe.

Leela with a big gun

Cartoon Characters Compromised: Velma and Daphne’s Wild Drunken Girls’ Night

Wherein I try to draw cartoon characters in compromising positions and throw dignity out the window.  Below, Daphne and Velma from Scooby Doo toss the boys and dog out on their ear and enjoy a night of drunken revelry.  But wait, this isn’t “compromising” enough?  Well, duh.  Not for free.Velma & Daphne
Drawn with Sketchbook. Maybe later I’ll go back and add color, if time permits.