Blast From The Past: Tales From The Heart #11

Tales From The Heart #11 cover

This was my cover to Slave Labor’s Tales From The Heart #11, from 1994, painted in Dr. Martin’s watercolor dyes, with probably a little bit of guache, if I remember right.  I was grateful to publisher Dan Vado for allowing me to do the cover to the final issue, following earlier covers by the likes of Brent Anderson and Charles Vess. It really was an honor.

Tales  was the true-life adventures of a college-aged woman’s stint as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Central African Republic, written by Cindy Goff and Rafael Nieves.  A little ahead of its time, the series never generated a lot of attention or sales, although it did receive a fair amount of critical acclaim and managed to generate two graphic novels from the Marvel/Epic imprint (which I wasn’t involved with).

I was brought in at issue #7 after original artist Seitu Hayden left the book.  Unfortunately, my work in the second half of the run, issues #8-#11, was never collected in trade.  Working on the series was really one of the great honors of my teeny-tiny comics career, and I’d jump back into it without hesitation if Cindy and Rafe wanted to pick it up again.

Secret Identites Pin-Up: Color Final

Color Final
And now, the candy-colored conclusion, painted in Dr. Martin’s watercolors. Eagle-eyed viewers may notice that the linework on this drawing isn’t the same as the previous posts. That’s because I had to redraw the picture every time I repainted. This final version of the pin-up took about three tries before I ended up with something I was halfway satisfied with. This is why I prefer working digitally, because those extra steps can be avoided due to digital’s non-destructive nature.

If I were a better painter it wouldn’t be a problem to begin with, but, like Clint Eastwood once said, a man’s gotta know his limitations.

Mugshots #1

Mugshot photos are a dream to interpret.  They’re loaded with personality and some of the weirdest-ass variations of human-face features you will ever see.  They’re like real-life caricatures, an artist’s dream.

Mugshot 1

Drawn in Sketchbook, color by Photoshop.