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Sit Down Shut Up: “Hurricane Willard”

Hulu put this up a day late, which probably means it’ll be gone in 16 instead of 17 days.  I did the opening “Miracle on a bike” sequence, which actually took about a week to storyboard, given the layers of background kids that had to be drawn.  Funny that a week’s worth of labor ends up being about 15 seconds on the screen.  Personally, I would have allowed the entire sequence a little more time to breathe, but it was the style of the show not to linger on anything.  Besides, throughout my storyboarding career I’ve rarely seen an animated sequence that matched the timing I imagined when boarding same sequence.  Except for maybe once or twice, usually what I’d see in my head never really matched up with the end result.

Also, they didn’t animate that rear view of Miracle as sexily as I would have liked, although I did get a kick out of the “halo” effect, which was not there on the board!

(Edited 10/30 to remove dead Hulu link.)

Sit Down Shut Up: “H.S. Confidential”

Hilariously labeled at Hulu as Season 2, Episode 1.  Don’t be fooled, Fox is just burning off the remaining 9 episodes that didn’t air from the initial 13-episode order.  It’s still cancelled.  And since these episodes will only be up at Hulu for 17 days after their inital air date, enjoy while you can.  If you’re prone to enjoying Sit Down Shut Up, that is.

(Edited 9/30/09 to remove dead Hulu link.)

Sherlock Holmes re-released, now available

Steven Jones just let me know that our 1994 Sherlock Holmes miniseries has been re-released by Gary Reed (formerly of Caliber Press), through his new venture, TransFuzion.  Sherlock Holmes:  The Cases of the Twisted Minds is a new graphic novel available on Amazon that includes Adventure of the Opera Ghost.  You can also order direct from the TransFuzion site, which also has a few extra sample pages up.

The Secret Identities Road Show Rolls On

The editors and crew of Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology hit the Los Angeles area this past weekend, making appearances all over the place.  The weekend culminated in book signings/parties at the Japanese American National Museum on Saturday, and Giant Robot 2 on Sunday.  Although my old bones were unable to make the Giant Robot event, I did show up for the night at JANM.  Here’s me with the lucky winner of my drunken sketch of what has been dubbed as “Asian Aquaman”, which was raffled off as a prize.  I’m sorry I don’t remember your name, lucky winner, as I wasn’t quite sobered up yet!  If you’re around and see this, post a comment and I’ll namedrop you accordingly.

6/9/09 Edited to credit Rachel Bieber as the lucky winner of Asian Aquaman!