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Secret Identites Pin-Up: Color Final

Color Final
And now, the candy-colored conclusion, painted in Dr. Martin’s watercolors. Eagle-eyed viewers may notice that the linework on this drawing isn’t the same as the previous posts. That’s because I had to redraw the picture every time I repainted. This final version of the pin-up took about three tries before I ended up with something I was halfway satisfied with. This is why I prefer working digitally, because those extra steps can be avoided due to digital’s non-destructive nature.

If I were a better painter it wouldn’t be a problem to begin with, but, like Clint Eastwood once said, a man’s gotta know his limitations.

Secret Identities Pin-Up: Digital Rough

Secret ID Pinup Rough

Drawn with trusty Sketchbook, this is the digital rough of my “girl power” contribution to the upcoming Secret Identities  traveling art show.   Since I’m working oldschool–on actual paper!–for the exhibit, I’m going to print this up on a sheet of 11″x17″ paper, and trace it onto a bristol board page of the same size.  I’ll post scans of the art here as it progresses.

Character guide (from left to right):  Karin from Koji Steven Sakai and John Franzese’s “Meet Joe”; Candace (Tin Candy) Koh in her mecha, from Jeff Yang’s and my “A Day At CostumeCO”;  June Park from Jimmy Aquino and Erwin Haya’s “Sampler”;  Val (Valentine) Chang from “CostumeCO”; Ting Lee from Lynn Chen and Paul Wei’s “You Are What You Eat”.

Secret Identities in stores April 15

To mark the release of Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology next week, here’s a preview of some of my artwork for Jeff Yang’s story “A Day At CostumeCO”.

S_ID 1

This story was my first experiment to create 100% digital comics art, using Manga Studio 3.  My feel for the digital brushwork wasn’t as confident as I would have liked, but I think it’s okay for a first attempt.Sidekicks page

This page, a sample from the “Sidekicks” interstitial, done a month or two after the page above, reflected my growing confidence with the software, and is my favorite page from the project.

Moris Klaw and Isis

Moris Klaw

Boring technical note:  looks like all the annoying glitches have been taken care of, finally.  For now.

Art once again for the Remake/Remodel thread at Whitechapel forum.  This time drawn using Sketchbook software, which is really the best drawing software I’ve used, as far as I’m concerned. Just a pretty, supple ink brush line, the closest to reality that I’ve encountered.  The one drawback with Sketchbook is that it’s not vectored, so if you have to resize up, the anti-aliasing will size up as well, resulting in blurriness.

As usual, it’s always good to draw on a relatively large canvas size, at a high resolution, and then scale down, like I did here.